Short tips for Entrepreneurs

A Couple of Short tips for Entrepreneurs: The information flow
When it comes to information, are you in the flow or are you a reservoir? Does information start at your desk, stop at your desk, or move through you? All great teachers are learners and all great learners are teachers, they are part of the flow, not holding anything back.
Every time you learn something, see a good book article youtube or blog post, do you pass it along? Are you always keeping your eyes open for ideas and information that can help your friends as well as yourself? If not, you are just a puddle on the information highway. We learn through sharing!
The other side of good information flow is the ability to be complete and concise, which seems to get rarer and rarer these days. I know we are all in a hurry, but you will save everyone, including yourself, a lot of time in the long run if you take the time to think before you type (or talk) and make sure you include all the info someone might find helpful.
I cannot believe how many friends I have where my email and other digital conversations go like something like this (in this case, someone coming to see me):
What time do you land?
(next email) What airport?
(next email) What airline?
(next email) Renting a car or taxi?
As compared to …
Here are my complete, concise plans…. (perhaps just a forward of a reservation) …
Or I get this …
Jack is coming to the office.
Jack who?
Jack Jones?
Don’t remember him, where does he work?
What does he do there?
What is he coming to see us about?
As you know, this can go on for email after email after email, or text message, or whatever system you use.
Slow down and think and everyone will be better off, better informed, and have more time for more important things than going back and forth  with each other all day.