The Most Beautiful Car Books

When I recommended a car book in a previous post, I said that later I would talk about automotive books that were really art books. I have a lot of picture books of cars, but none equal the works of the great car photographer Michael Furman. You would not think that one person could take photos of something as seemingly straightforward as an automobile in a way so superior to most other photographers. But Furman does.
While Furman’s books are not cheap, they are unexcelled. These are pure art books. Few words interrupt the flow of amazing color photos of the most remarkable automobiles ever created, from the US and abroad. I will not try to pick my favorites among them, as they focus on different eras and styles, all of which are beautiful. The links at the right will take you to them, for more complete descriptions.
If you want a treat for yourself or for a car-loving friend, there would be no better gift than one of these books from your favorite online bookseller or from Furman’s own site,