Again, another new book, much to my surprise. But this is a great new book. I have previously reviewed some of Dorling Kindersley’s beautifully illustrated educational books for those of all ages ( and 
The Human Brain: An Illustrated Guide to Its Structure, Function, and Disorders by Rita Carter (Dorling Kindersley, 2009) is a 200+ page, oversized, full color book – with a DVD – about the Brain. Everything from how your eyes work to how your memory works, from how pain works to what parts of the brain do what. And in usual DK style, stunning color illustrations throughout make this book a desktop museum. And I haven’t even opened the DVD yet – that seems like icing on the cake.
When you think about it, the human brain/mind is among the most amazing things you could ever study: it’s inside us; you use it as your primary tool to study itself; and we know so little about it. Of course it’s powers of reasoning, memory, and creating new ideas is staggering. Neuroscience can be one of the hardest fields to understand. Not with The Human Brain.
When you see what this book gives you for $40 – less when it’s discounted – you can see why I won’t get a Kindle until they can handle color and do a better job with illustrations. What a way to learn!




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