Multiple Dimensions


Each Monday I post the next section from my 2001 book. I have to admit that I messed up, and skipped one of the ideas. This post should have been posted last week, and makes the most sense if you read it right after you read the post “Thinking in Chains” (see Here is the follow-up thought to that post:

It is also important to realize that every entity is a part of multiple groups or chains. I am a part of Austin, of Hoosiers (people from Indiana), whites, males, students of retailing, music lovers, and Hoover’s stockholders. We all play many games at the same time. General Motors is a carmaker and a giant financial company. We are each a crossroads of multiple dimensions. For example, here is another chain that this book is on.


In reality, though, the book is on several chains. With a little reflection, you may dream up other possible chains. The more of them you can see or imagine, the stronger your vision.

Common chains to keep an eye out for include these:
  • Time – from past to future.
  • Age – from old to young.
  • Path – from the source to the destination.
  • Price – from low to high.
  • Hierarchy – from chief to subordinate, from king to vassal.
  • Classification – from the specific to the general, from all living things through animals and carnivores to your dog Spot.
  • Quality – from low to high. Any attribute that can be put on a scale – length, width, depth, durability, style, efficiency, maintenance costs, colorfulness, service level, convenience, customization level.

Take a moment to think about your business (or your idea for a new business). Dream up all the chains it might be on. Sketch out your web and think about the implications.