Hey friends,

As you already know, I live with my own personal 57,000 book library, books for learning and reference. They aren’t the same books you see on bestseller lists or at the top of an Amazon search. They cover almost every subject imaginable, with an emphasis on history, geography, words, facts, innovation, business, and entrepreneurship.

I am often asked which are my favorite books. I email out thousands of book recommendations to my friends each year. I have finally gotten around to compiling a list of my 160 favorites, just in time for your Holiday Gift giving! These are books that last a lifetime, that you can go back to over and over and keep learning from.

The other question I am often asked is, “How do you have time to read all those books?” I have a method, not involving speed reading or scanning, in which I spend under 30 minutes on most books. I have found it really works to help me grasp and remember the key ideas in these books. So I have included that information, and tips on learning and book buying in this new PDF book.

Lastly, I threw in my extensive pointers on how to see things others don’t see, from my book The Art of Enterprise.

All together, this new book is 96 pages packed with ideas and suggestions to improve your mind and broaden your world.

Only $10, click here to buy!


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