Come talk to me this Saturday, August 12, at 2PM at the Barnes & Noble Store in the Arboretum (near Cheesecake Factory, on 183 between 360 and Great HIlls)!

My new book is now available at this Barnes & Noble Store and at the great independent store BookPeople at 6th & Lamar in Downtown Austin.

It is also on Amazon, and available as a Kindle book as well as a paperback.

For those of you who (like me) always want to see the details, here is the table of contents:

Introduction 7

1. How to Digest and Remember a Nonfiction Book in 15-30 Minutes. 9

Getting Your Head Around a Book: First Steps, 11

The Table of Contents, 14

Diving Deeper, 16

Making Connections, 18

The Power of the Index, 20

Books for Life, 22

2. The Five Ways We Learn 25

Thinking About a Thing or Subject, 29

Context in Time and Space, 31

The Lay (Language) of the Land, 33

The Strengths (and Weaknesses) of the Internet….and the Digital Age, 34

EBooks and Learning, 36

Searching Tips, 37

3. Shopping for books 39

Book Prices, 39

Saving Money, 40

Bookstores, 41

Using Amazon (and other) Reviews, 43

4. 160 Books You Should Know About but May Have Never Heard Of 45

Reading, 45

Thinking, 46

Psychology and Character, 48

Words and Language, 49

World Geography and Travel, 51

World History, 53

World Statistics, Trends, and Economics, 55

USA Geography and Travel, 58

USA History, 59

USA Statistics, Trends, and Economics, 61

Cities, 63

Business History – General, 65

Company Histories and Individual Biographies, 67

Industry Histories and Studies, 71

Economics and Industrial Organization, 73

Management and Strategy, 75

Marketing and Retailing, 78

Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Creativity, 79

Technology, Business, Information, The Future, and Gadgets, 81

Design and Architecture, 83

Humanities, Arts, and Religion, 85

Miscellany: Series of Books; Nature, Food and Beverages, Music, 86

Periodicals, 89

5. A Primer on Curiosity: How to See What Others Miss. 91

Exploration: Curiosity, the Fountain of   Creativity, 91

6. The Open, Absorbent, Ready Mind 93

Mind Before Matter, 93

Exercising the Mind, 94

The Sense of Wonder, 95

Ponder First, Act Later, 97

Getting into the Information Flow, 98

7. Complexity, Gathering Information and Asking Questions. 101

8. Seeing the Whole: Comprehensive Thinking Using Concepts, Clusters, Patterns, and Chains 107

Conceptual Thinking: Using Word Clusters, 108

Network Thinking: Connecting What You   Learn, 109

Looking for Patterns, 111

Chains, 115

Loose Ends, 116

Multiple Dimensions, 117

9. First Step for Innovation: Redefining and Reclassifying Your World. 121

Lessons from Retail Definitions, 123

More Mis-Definitions, 125

10. The Expected World and the Role of Serendipity. 129

The Expected World, 129

Jump the Track, 133

The Ultimate Radar: Your Mind, 137

The Power of Serendipity and Browsing, 138

11. Seeing What Others Do Not 143

Be Skeptical, 143

Look Behind the Headlines, 144

Looking Where Others Don’t, 147

Finding the Strangeness in the Familiar, 152

Learning from and Living with Paradoxes, 154

12. Looking Through Different Lenses — The Renaissance Mind. 157

The World From Upside Down, 160

Crossing Boundaries, 161

Beyond the Executive View, 163

Seeing Things in Their Normal Context, 166

13. Right Under Your Nose and All Around You 169

Looking for Gaps and Vacancies, 173

Looking at the Best, 175

14. The Single Most Powerful Source of Innovation 177

Gaps and Intersections, 179

It is also on Amazon, and available as a Kindle book as well as a paperback.


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