A while back I suggested now is the time to get Blu-Ray, especially if you have a good TV or projector. Last night I watched the Blu-Ray by travel expert Rudy Maxa on Italy. This video contained some of the most glorious footage of that wonderful country that I have ever seen. His production crew got into the Sistine Chapel, my favorite Roman building the Pantheon, and many other not-usually-filmed sites with their high definition cameras, with stunning results. This is one disc that I could watch over and over. The company has also released his videos on France and London and Beyond, and I hope many more will follow. If you really want to get in the mood to travel, or just enjoy the world from your armchair, these and other travel videos are beginning to come out in Blu-Ray format.
Going backwards to “old-fashioned” DVD, I also have to praise the series from Globe Trekker. You can find their entire line at their website http://www.pilotguides.com/tv_shows/globe_trekker/index.php and North American store http://www.globetrekkerstore.com/, although I have found the prices and service better at Amazon.
This series, shown in the middle of the night on public television here in Austin, covers the earth like no other travel video series. They have taken a long time to get their video material moved from VHS to DVD, so Blu-Rays may take even longer. But if you want to know about Colombia or Laos, Oman or Senegal, this is the series for you. They even cover the good old US of A. 
A handful of adventurous and energetic young hosts lead the viewer backpacker-style through the far corners of the globe. While some of the major tourist sites are covered, the emphasis in this series is on meeting people, learning about local food and culture, and getting some real insights into the place. I think these videos are wonderful, and every young person should sit down and watch all of them to see how big and diverse our planet is. These are the “Lonely Planet” of videos.
I have placed a few links to the right, but you will have to explore these sites yourself to see the treats on offer. And each week brings new goodies to Blu-Ray.



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