Are You Lost in the Ozone ?

As I now spend most of my time on a big university campus, I cannot help but notice how many people seem to be in a bubble. Lost in the ozone.
They walk around lost in their thoughts, their iPods, or their cell phones. They bump into each other.  They let the door close behind them in the face of the next person. They pay no attention to where they are going or what they are doing.
This ailment seems especially common among the “under thirties.”
As much as the rudeness and inhumanity of it all might get to me, what really worries me is that these folks are not connected with the world around them. They are not seeing and observing what is going on around them. They are not learning from their environment. They are not going to get much from all of my Monday posts over the last several weeks about how to spot opportunities.
You might be more tightly connected to your buddies and your music than ever before, but if you are not connected to the world at large, to what the world has to teach you, to strangers on the street, you will be poorer for it.
I sure hope you are not one of those living a big chunk of their life in a bubble. Because life’s fullest treasures will go to those of us who are still engaged with our context.